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So the first bunch of you has arrived at this place. This is good. Hello. Hope you're all settled in. Now, what do we do with this. That's right, I didn't really think that far.

Okay so here's what I'll like you to do when you find the time:

- Submit some awesome shit. I know you've got it, let's see it. I don't even care what, a diverse gallery is nice to have. Give us some things to look at.

- I'll promote the folks who submitted some to Contributor status. I don't know what that does but you better work hard for it.

- Someone might wanna volunteer to be an admin, to whatever it is I do here when I'm not doing it for some reason. This is obviously an important and prestigious position.

- Get some more people in here. Spread the word to, well, Relicnews.

Well that's it for the moment. I'll try not to break everyone's submission permissions all at once.

-- Riess

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